Mobile Financial Interface System Aggregator (mFiSA): as its name implies is a convergent system to synergize payment platforms or Mobile Financial Services (like the mobile money, online banking and so on) to make payment and transfer of funds across heterogeneous systems become faster, easier and secured.


e-Commerce application: Our Online e-commerce application which we fondly call Marketplace is a flexible, adaptable Multi Merchant e-commerce software that integrates with multiple payment gateways including Paypal, Mobile money, Local switches etc. It provides a customizable solution to ecommerce with a robust back end interface for Marketplace Super and Sub Admin, Merchants and Customer care agents.



CloudTV/Online TV: creates a platform where intellect, creativity, entertainment and information meets audience need. It is an online television platform where people can come online, watch and enjoy their favorite programmes such as Series which includes comedy shows (from entertainers nationwide), short films and productions, reality TV series, documentary and interviews (on different aspects nationally), music, awards and so many more.


Other solutions include Electricity payment and management aggregator, results sender, pay-slip manager, school management add-ons, water payment aggregator, airtime virtual Top-up solutions, School fees aggregator etc.